Signs of Employer Retaliation After a Work Injury

Recognizing Employer Retaliation After an Injury

The workers’ compensation process can cause a lot of apprehension for injured employees. This can lead to injuries going unreported and workers pushing past their physical limits to avoid their employer finding out. Unfortunately, much of this stress comes from the fear that workers will face retaliation for reporting the unsafe conditions that contributed to the injury.

Although workplace retaliation is against Illinois law, this remains a valid concern for many employees across the state. To have the best defense for your case, it’s important to understand the signs of employer retaliation so you know how to best protect yourself.

The Signs You Should Know

There are many different ways that employers might retaliate against an employee. Some signs are more obvious than others, but all of them can be grounds for a case. The most common signs of employer retaliation are:

  • You are suddenly demoted or transferred to a different position.
  • You are passed over for a promotion that you were previously in contention for.
  • Your workload suddenly increased without explanation.
  • You are given unrealistic deadlines.
  • You are ridiculed or ostracized by your coworkers.
  • Your hours are cut back without explanation.
  • You are suddenly assigned to the night shift.
  • You are terminated from your position.

If you’re experiencing any of these signs, it’s important to document them. This documentation will be vital if you choose to file a claim against your employer.

Can I Sue for Employer Retaliation?

Employer retaliation is illegal in Illinois. The state’s workers’ compensation laws make it so employers cannot retaliate against employees who report injuries or unsafe working conditions. If you believe that you have been the victim of workplace retaliation, you should contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case.

Chicago Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

You deserve to work in a safe environment and to be able to protect yourself from unsafe conditions by reporting them to the appropriate agency. Our Chicago workers’ compensation attorneys at Leonard Law Group can help ensure your rights are protected following a work accident. Schedule a free consultation with our team by calling (312) 487-2513.

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