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Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer? Mesothelioma is a serious cancer caused solely by asbestos exposure and takes decades to appear due to its long latency period.

Families facing a mesothelioma diagnosis need help. You can't prepare for mesothelioma. But you can take steps after a diagnosis to help your family by holding manufacturers of asbestos-based products responsible for your disease.

The Chicago mesothelioma lawyers at Leonard Law Group are highly respected professionals dedicated to helping families like yours. While a mesothelioma lawsuit cannot buy you a medical miracle, it can help you afford the treatment you need, bringing peace of mind to you and your family.

If you or a loved one were diagnosed with mesothelioma in Illinois, you may have legal rights to hold those responsible for your asbestos exposure accountable. Contact our experienced mesothelioma lawyers today for a free legal consultation.

With more than two decades of legal experience, we have helped our clients secure more than $500 million in awards, settlements, and verdicts on their behalf.

Contact our mesothelioma and asbestos attorneys today at 312-487-2513 to let us help secure the compensation you deserve.

How are people exposed to asbestos?

Asbestos fibers are small, light, odorless, colorless, and tasteless. They can stay in the air for a long time and are not easily detected. Asbestos was used in thousands of products over the last century and can be inhaled or ingested by those who come in contact with it in the workplace or at home.

These tiny particles also stick to a person’s clothing, skin, and hair. As a result, anyone else who comes into contact with those who were exposed may also be at risk.

Once it is inhaled or swallowed, asbestos fibers can remain in the lining of the lungs or other organs and cause serious diseases to form.

What is mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that can affect the lining of the lungs, heart, abdomen, and testicles. Over 3,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with mesothelioma each year.

Working with asbestos is the only known cause of mesothelioma, and symptoms generally appear between 10 to 50 years after an individual was exposed to asbestos.

Once symptoms appear, mesothelioma tumors can spread rapidly throughout the body. Mesothelioma is notoriously hard to treat and most patients have a poor life expectancy as a result.

Nationwide asbestos litigation resources

The lawyers at Leonard Law Group bring national experience and resources to the table, working with Simmons Hanly Conroy to hold asbestos companies accountable.

While each asbestos litigation case is unique, the law imposes certain time limitations on how long one can wait to file a lawsuit. You only have a certain period of time after being diagnosed with mesothelioma to file an asbestos claim.

We advise that you contact us immediately so that we can evaluate your case. If you wait too long, you could lose out.

Asbestos exposure in Chicago

Manufacturers have a responsibility to produce safe materials, equipment, and products. However, many companies know about the dangerous of asbestos but did not warn their employees or consumers about its risks.

Workers may have been exposed to asbestos at a number of work sites in Chicago and the surrounding region, including General Electric Appliance Plant, Republic Steel, Crawford Station Power Plant, U.S. Steel Mill, Great Lakes Naval Training Center, the General Motors Plant, Procter & Gamble facilities, and many others.

Contact our asbestos attorneys

The lawyers at the Leonard Law Group are dedicated to helping those diagnosed with mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases.

It is our goal to get you the financial compensation you need to ensure you and your family can focus on fighting this terrible disease.

As skilled and experienced mesothelioma attorneys, we work hard to develop a professional and personal relationship with our clients to provide them with premium representation. This attorney-client relationship is crucial to helping our clients overcome their challenges.

Contact us for more information about our legal services.

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