Illinois Workers’ Comp Commission Streamlines Electronic Filings

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Getting workers’ compensation in Illinois can be frustrating sometimes as you wait for responses from the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (IWCC). Any delay in the mail or an influx of cases from other claimants could mean waiting longer than usual before you start getting benefits or important updates.

Thankfully, many claimants in Illinois should soon see improvements to filing processes and wait times due to the completion and launch of the IWCC’s electronic filing system. The cloud storage-enabled system, which is officially named CompFile, enables workers’ compensation attorneys and claimants to access important documents remotely and from practically any web-enabled device. Even court documents can be stored, retrieved, and updated with CompFile.

The online system has been a big help during the coronavirus pandemic that has called for lockdowns across the country. However, it began development before COVID cases began to rise. CompFile first became available in February 2020 to workers’ compensation attorneys and law firms, who could create accounts and start to upload client files into the system for remote access. The final update to CompFile launched in late April 2021, and the system is now considered complete.

Another benefit of CompFile, beyond reducing the time it takes to resolve a claim, is a possible reduction in costs associated with managing a case. Electronic file transfers mean no costs to mail paperwork, and digital storage means no or reduced retrieval costs when those files need to be accessed again.

Keeping Up with CompFile Updates & Features

At Leonard Law Group in Chicago, we are committed to providing the best possible workers’ compensation legal services to our clients, which is why our team is familiarizing with CompFile. Whereas many other law firms insist on handling cases in the traditional and usually much slower way, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our clients’ experiences. If CompFile can help get benefits to a client sooner than later, then we will want to use it.

Find out more about our workers’ compensation claim services by contacting our firm today. You can call (312) 487-2513 to connect with a team member directly.

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