Are Slip & Fall Accidents Covered by Workers’ Comp?

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Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common accidents that happen in the workplace. Depending on where you work, there could be trip and slip hazards of all sorts, like icy parking lots during the winter, loose cables around computer stations, or slippery tile on certain aisles. If you slip and fall due to one of those hazards, can you get workers’ compensation?

Workers’ Comp Works for Slip & Fall Accidents

The majority of workplace accidents are covered by workers’ compensation insurance provided to eligible employees and workers, including slip and fall accidents. Unfortunately, an inordinate number of workers think that slip and fall accidents aren’t covered because such accidents are usually caused by their own mistakes. If you misplace your footing while going up the stairs at work and fall, then it might seem like you can’t get benefits because your own literal slip-up led to your injuries. Or you might feel inclined to try to walk it off and not draw attention to yourself because you are embarrassed you even made such a painful misstep.

It is important to accept that you can and should seek workers’ compensation benefits whenever you can. The benefits are there to help you heal and get back to work without taking anything out of your own finances for medical care. You shouldn’t feel apologetic because you need to use something like workers’ comp insurance for its designed purpose.

Furthermore, you need to realize that workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, even if your employer did not explain this concept to you clearly. As a no-fault system, you are eligible to file a claim after a workplace accident, even if it was your own misstep and absentmindedness that caused your slip or trip and fall accident. The only key factor is that it must be an accident, i.e., you must not have intentionally slipped or acted with such egregious negligence that you should have known you were putting yourself at a high risk of a slip and fall injury.

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