Can You Get Workers’ Compensation If You Work Part-Time?

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Can you get workers’ compensation if you work part-time? Yes, as a part-time employee, you should be able to get the same workers’ comp benefits as a full-time or salaried employee. This is true even if you’re a part-time employee and you get hurt on your first day at work. There could be a rare exception depending on where you live and your job title, but you are probably not one of those exceptions.

Part-Time Employee Workers’ Comp Benefits

Workers’ compensation is meant to help you stay financially afloat while recovering from an injury you suffered at work or while completing a job-related duty. The purpose of workers’ comp doesn’t change whether you are a full-time or a part-time employee. As such, the benefits you can enjoy as a part-time employee should be the same as those given to one of your full-time coworkers.

Two of the most important workers’ comp benefits for part-time employees are:

  • Medical expense coverage: Your employer and their insurance provider should pay the full amount of any necessary medical treatments related to your work injury. Expenses related to initial treatments, copays, deductibles, follow-up care, specialized surgeries, and so forth should all be covered. If the medical treatment has been deemed necessary by your treating physician, then the cost should not come from your own wallet.
  • Temporary disability benefits: If you cannot return to work for some time due to your work injury, then you might qualify for temporary total disability benefits or temporary partial disability benefits. The difference depends on whether or not you can complete some form of work while recovering or none at all. While you are on disability benefits, you should be paid 66-2/3% of your average weekly pre-injury wage.

Problems can arise if the insurance company handling your workers’ compensation claim tries to argue with your treating physician about what is necessary and what is not. If they’re successful, then you could get stuck with the bill for medical expenses deemed to be “optional” or “elective.” There could also be issues if the extent of your disability is challenged by the insurer to try to avoid paying you disability benefits.

Fighting for Your Part-Time Workers’ Comp Benefits

When there is trouble with your workers’ compensation benefits as a part-time employee, you should seek legal assistance as soon as possible. Your employer or their insurer could try to convince you that you don’t get full benefits because you aren’t full-time employed. Unfortunately, this ruse works on employees all the time, and they give up their claims instead of pursuing them. With legal assistance, though, you can understand your rights and fight for your benefits if need be.

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